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at 1:11am]
Well I feel like writing my day down right now for some odd reason and there's nothing you assholes can do to stop me, so here I go:

-Woke up around noon

-Went to Daniels with Christina and Chris for some beaner food. While I was there, the air conditioner vent was leaking water right next to me, and I was like "SEE DAMNIT! I FUCKIN KNEW IT WAS DRIPPIN! I KNEW SOMETHIN WAS!" It obviously didn't bother me in the least bit, but the Mexican waitress was like "hey, it's just trying to cool you down." God I love Mexicans.

-Went to Christina's house so she should change and so that I could put on her BRIGHT ASS GREEN pants.

-Went to Goodwill where Christina bought some fancy jewelry and Chris bought a phat ass pink belt which he ended up modding to fit his NES controller belt buckle (which kicks major ass by the way). Before leaving we sat on a couch and ye olde wench came over to bitch at us because the couch was for sale, and clearly we were polluting it and causing people to not consider buying it.

-Went to the D-pad so I could teach Christina to play video games. We owned some AVP (Alien versus Predator for you noobs), some Halo, and finally some UberMegaSuperBattleCon Tetris. She did damn good in AVP, and not bad at all for her first time in Halo.

-Went back to my house to do Christina's shitty AP Government homework. Homework is for noobs, but I have to be more understanding and realise that no one owns quite like me. Took a break to go to Wacarnolds for some cheap ass greasy food. My cheeseburger was very shiny.

-Chris left, me and Christina sat around and worked on her junk. She left, and me and my mom talked for a couple hours about random things for no particular reason. Its now 1:20 AM and we're both still up talkin about Bill Clinton and how "his wife is a dyke" (a quote from my mother).

So that was my day, and if you didn't like it, well, frankly, you can suck my balls :)

at 11:54pm]
Despite what you see on the news, there are people walking through New Orleans with AK-47s, the city is filled with rape and murder, and there is no law to be found.

If you got any spare:

at 5:04am]
I can never sleep because I'm always thinking about something or someone. (Not meaning to sound like an emo douche, it just happens to always be a person or a thing)

I need to start getting more sleep, but I don't know how. I feel like I'm missing out on shit when I go to sleep!

at 10:25pm]
today is my 17th birthday


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